Lowrey DSO-1 Organ “super rare”

i am a gear nut. absolutly. guitars, drums, and especially SYNTHESIZERS.  However i always had a rule with my musical gear, which was ” NO ORGANS ” .

But i broke that rule back in the beginning of the year.

i was driving on my way to work in my van and i saw an organ outside of a church, at the curb for trash. it was mixed in with a sofa, and some old speakers, and blinds and other trash.  for some reason i stopped, mainly because of the speakers. they looked big, and old, and they ended up being a big pair of 1960s Fisher speakers.  blah. but they ended up sounding good.  anyway, i grabbed the speakers and for some reason i grabbed the organ, and herc-ed it up into the van and went to work.

the organ became a bit of a joke, because people always asked what was in the van and i said ” a church organ ” and they would laugh, little did they know there really was an organ in the van.

then i moved, from an apartment into a house.  a house. big. porch. yard. wheeee.

i had to make space in the van to go buy a new mattress and bed.  so that was when my girlfriend and family learned that there REALLY WAS AN ORGAN IN THE VAN.

they immediately had a shit fit, and want it gone gone gone.

it is not gone yet.  i started playing it.  yup. its on the porch, and i play that organ, ON THE PORCH.  it works. has a bazzillion ( 75 or 90 i did not count yet ) tubes in it, and it has a Leslie inside it, and it is a ton of fun.


we have had lots and lots of arguments in the last 13 years. but nothing is quite like the battle over this Lowrey DSO-1 Organ.

so i started researching the organ, and OMG it is SUPER RARE and IMPORTANT.  it is a HAMMOND KILLER, it is the edgey underdog of tube organs.  it may be worth a ton of money some day.  The Beatles used it, i pulled up videos of Adrian Rose playing some smoking music on it, but none of this conmvinced her i could keep it.

The organ looks rough, although it plays and the tubes light up, it looks rough and it has a smell.

so i shop vac’ed this baby.  i sucked out all the gunk in it, and then i started cleaning it.  i carefully cleaned the tubes making sure as to not actually handle them and get my oil on them ( i work in theatre, so i understand lighting and lightbulbs etc ) , i cleaned the outside with some Murphys Oil Soap.  i removed the padding/insulation that was down in the leslie area.

so now it does not smell as much because the tubes are not burning off 60 years of dust as the organ runs, but she thinks she can still smell something.

really i think she knows that once i get it into the house all the way it will never leave.

so she has drawn a line in the sand, and really wants it gone.

and that brings me to ebay and craigslist.

i posted the organ on both with pictures, and we shall see where this goes.

i want the organ to sell to someone that is going to use it as an organ.  not to someone that is going to gut it.

point blank because of someone is going to gut and harvest this organ that will be me.  I am a handy guy, can build, i am a stagehand, went to school to be an electrician.  lifetime fan of music and playing music. i have ideas and i have some skill with wood, so i sort of have two plans on this thing if i cannot manage to sell it.

#1. i somehow make this thing a bit more portable, a bit more like a synth and seperate entities.  I could break off the keyboard section into one large piece.  make a box for the tubes that do the sound and maybe use a conenction of some sort to patch them together.  maybe Socapex could work for that.    then make the leslie stand alone, bass pedals stand alone, and speakers into a cabinet, stand alone.


#2 i gut the thing completely and part out all the tubes on ebay.  maybe make a stereo poweramp that is tube driven. something.


#3.   i know i said two ideas, but i just came up with a third.  i burn the thing.  VIKING FUNERAL IN MY BACKYARD.  or better yet, a Cimmerian funeral…

LOWREY, what is best in life?  Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

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